Campaign Promises [BC Election: 2017]

Every election many promises are made, but are they ever followed by the ruling party?

The purpose of this page is to document campaign promises in order to weigh them in the next round of elections.

Below you will find those made by each party during the 2017 BC election.

For a complete timeline of each party’s promises, click here.

B.C. Liberals

  • $157 million in new spending over three years.
  • A personal income tax freeze and new tax credits for seniors and family members who care for them.
  • Cut the small business tax to two per cent.
  • Phase out provincial sales tax on electricity for all businesses.
  • Four more balanced budgets, which would extend the string to nine straight budgets in the black.
  • Cut unpopular medical service premiums in half, starting in January.
  • Create a new tax credit for people living in communities that are dependent on BC Ferries.
  • Teach coding to students in grades 6 to 9.



  • Reverse a Liberal tax cut for people earning more than $150,000 a year.
  • Phase out medical service premiums and eliminate interest on student loans.
  • Increase the corporate tax rate by one point to 12 per cent.
  • Supports the Liberal plan to reduce the small business tax.
  • Introduce a speculation tax that would apply to all out-of-province property owners. The two-per-cent tax on a property’s assessed value would give the government $200 million a year in additional revenue.
  • Bring in $10-a-day childcare.
  • Give renters an annual $400 rebate.
  • Three years of balanced budgets, starting in this fiscal year.


B.C. Green Party

  • Overhaul the tax system to pay for investments in childcare, education, public health and the environment.
  • Operating deficits in the second and third years of a four-year mandate with a $216-million surplus in the final fiscal year.
  • Create a new ministry for mental health and addictions.
  • Earmark $80 million for mental health initiatives, including early intervention community centres, youth programs and more supervised injection sites.
  • Spend $460-million investment in public transit infrastructure.
  • Free daycare for working parents with kids under the age of three.
  • Increase the corporate tax rate to 12 per cent, one percentage point higher than it is now.
  • Raise tax rates on those who earn more than $108,000 a year and roll medical service premiums into payroll and income taxes.


Short List by THE CANADIAN PRESS | MAY 7, 2017 04:00 AM

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